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Hydraulic Azimuth Thruster

Hydraulic Azimuth Thruster
Hydraulic Azimuth Thruster

Hydraulic azimuth thruster use hydraulic source as driving power, and directly drive the propellers by hydraulic motor. They have the advantages of compact structure, convenient install and maintain, lower use cost, shorter production period and others. The power range of the products is from 60HP to 500HP. They are used in yachts, open body mud ships, easy type engineering ships and others.

Model Power Rating(HP) Dia of propeller (mm) Thrust (t)
RFHP50 0-50 620 0-0.7
RFHP100 50-100 830 1-1.4
RFHP200 100-200 950 1.5-3.2
RFHP300 200-300 1000 3.4-4.4
RFHP400 300-400 1180 4.7-6.2
RFHP500 400-500 1300 6.5-7.7