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Rebuilt Ulstein Model L295 Propulsion Unit For Sale

*note* Three available: Two Refurbished (no engine covers), One New

Approx 230 hp each

Model Number: L295 7500S

Manufacturer: Ulstein Maritime, Ltd.

Weight: Approx. 16,500 lbs.

Engine: DETROIT, 6V-92

Clutch:CAPITAL GEARS, Model HY400, ratio 1.00:1.

Overall reduction ratio is 3.847:1 in two stages:

1st reduction of 1.282:1> belt drive

2nd reduction of 3:1> lower leg prop. shaft housing

Propellers: 42"x39.55", 3-blade, Manganese Bronze. The propeller is housed inside a nozzle similar to a Kortz Nozzle.

Thrust: Originally designated as "7,500 lb. Thrust"

Horsepower: 230 HP @ 1800 RPM, 270 HP @ 2100 RPM

Steering: Hydraulic. Powered by hydraulic pump mounted on the 6V-92 diesel engine. The steering controls on the used units can be mounted adjacent to the unit or in a remote location, such as the raised pilothouse that is available. Steering controls for the un-used unit are mounted on the unit itself.

Fuel: 122 gal / built-in fuel tank mounted fwd of the engine.

Hydraulic Oil: 25 gal / built-in (Same tank as the fuel but a separate compartment that is created by a bulkhead inside the tank.

Built: 1984. Two Rebuilt in 2000. Manufactured for U.S. Navy

Skid mounted, diesel powered, 360º steerable propulsion unit with tiltable outboard type foot. Power transmission is through a hydraulic clutch and then a belt drive to the stern drive and propeller. Currently set up for raw water heat exchange cooling system.

Condition: Excellent

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